Sunday, October 24, 2010

New and Recent Works and Things of Another Nature

"Got Your Nose" 50 X 50 cm
My Contribution to Just Another Group Show
This years Semi-Permanent Melbourne side even in association with Just Another Agency

Sent this through to Italy for the Zerostigmata Benefit #3
Group Show for the research of Sandhoff Disease


Dropped down to manchester recently to take part in something pretty cool. Kelzo (one of the originators of the Manchester scene) organised over 30-ish writers from all over to come down and paint out this massive space in Walkden that was due to be demolished. Was great to hang with Chock and meet some cool kids. There were photoshoots and what-not happening here and there, which was cool.

For much better photos of the day LINK

Don't know what this is for but its new :)

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